We are - 'MAKSauto' branch 'MAKSpart'. With our given service 'MAKSepc' (more details on navigation 'MAKSepc') we will supply all of the brands original spare parts straight from the manufacturer. Want to be our partner? Let's get in touch!


• 8-685-25165 (Bertoldas)

• Taikos pr. 106M, Kaunas, LT-51169.

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    We are creating partner network, which could possibly satisfy customer's needs at all one hundred percent. If you want to trade original spare parts, you must invest in certain sources of knowledge. If you want to make orders, or just trade original spare parts you must learn to use car manufacturers dealer programs. All of that, and much more we offer: we will equip you with all of the needed information and will help you learn how to do it.

    If you have original part number that you need - the hardest job is done! Every part selection program (ex. TEC DOC, Inter Cars, AD-Baltic) will always find the part by this number and will give you all possible analogues. Now it's time to tell customer the price of the part, which you will see after entering the part number in 'Order template'. This price - your final price in Lithuania without VAT.

   If you want to buy from us - you pay us in advance the amount of the order (if you paid more - the amount of the money will be used for the next order or returned if you wish). When we receive money - we are giving you temporary user name and password - you are confirming the order, see the amount of the order and also you can check every part price by OE number and if the price is meeting your requirements you are paying us the next commission. After a couple of experimental purchases - we sign the cooperation agreement (link below) and then we give you permanent user name and password, also the desirable credit limit. This way we guarantee you delivery to door.

    Deliveries carried out by 'NĖGĖ' courier service.




Cooperation agreement link