How to login



  If you want to connect to MAKSepc - use Remote Desktop Connection (fill in 'remote' in search bar like shown in picture):

   Next - in field 'Computer' enter and in field 'User name' enter your given user name. You can click on Save As... to save the shortcut for easy connecting (place it on Desktop or anywhere you want):

   Now just enter your given user name and password and you are connected:

   WARNING - some of the programs require to enter some credentials, here they are:

Ford E-Cat - username (1): maks password (2): ford2017
BMW etk client - 1: same as your username (Maks-...) 2: 123456
Note: after entering last 7 digits of the VIN - system will ask to login to ASAP, then: 1: io111111 2: bmwetk1
Citroen, Peugeot ONLINE - 1: AP19282632 2: 9WHQ5tBF
Mercedes - 1: same as your username (Maks-...) 2: 123456
Jaguar - 1: ADMIN 2: 123
LandRover, KIA, Hyundai Microcat - 1: 1 2: 1